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  • Fast Data Transfer
  • Amazing Connectivity
  • High Speed Internet
  • Fulfills your tasks
  • Trusted Access
  • Minimal Clicks
  • Fibre Optic Medium
  • Reliable Network
Fast Data Transfer1 Amazing Connectivity2 High Speed Internet3 Fulfills your tasks4 Trusted Access5 Minimal Clicks6 Fibre Optic Medium7 Reliable Network 8

Welcome !

Hi5 braodband is one of the premier Broadband Service Providers in Pune. We provide low cost, yet reliable internet services. Whether you are an enterprise level user or a small home user, we have a suitable internet solution for you.
Our network is a combination of in house ports that let us setup the best service in the market. This combination brings us to give our customers the best possible internet service available.

Our braodband plans

Data Zone Plan

  • Plan Name6 Mbps 2Gb
  • Transfer Rate Upto6 Mbps
  • Data Transfer Limit2 GB
  • Validity30 Days
Rs. 470 | Month*

Single User Unlimited

  • Plan Name512 Kbps
  • Transfer Rate Upto512 Kbps
  • Data Transfer LimitUnlimited
  • Validity30 Days
Rs. 550 | Month*

Fare Usage Policy

  • Plan NameFUP 15 Gb
  • Transfer Rate Upto8 Mbps-512 Kbps
  • Data Transfer Limit15 GB
  • Validity30 Days
Rs. 1000 | Month*

Unlimited with VAS*

  • Plan Name1 Mbps
  • Transfer Rate Upto1 Mbps
  • Data Transfer LimitUnlimited
  • Validity30 Days
Rs. 1250 | Month*